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Norway, being on the same latitude as Alaska and Greenland, one could think of it being cold for most of the year, but surprisingly it enjoys a pleasant summer with the temperatures ranging from 22 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius. Almost zero humidity makes it even better. The summer in Norway begins in late June and extends till August. This would be the best time to travel. But those traveling to the Northern Norway, be aware of the unpredictable showers. Always carry an umbrella. If you are going on a long walk at night, wear an extra jacket as the night, even in summer could be chilly sometimes.


Come fall, it is a delight to watch those leaves turn from lively green to golden. Fall arrives in September and the temperature begins to drop down to less than 15 degree Celsius. On the other hand, the coastal areas during the fall tend to be warmer. So if you are visiting Norway in the fall, try to stay near the coast to keep yourself warm.


How much do you expect, the temperatures would drop? Well, here is the number; it can go as low as negative 35 degree Celsius. It is undoubtedly not a good idea to visit Norway in winter but if you like the chilly air and want to get a glimpse of some glaciers, go ahead but make sure you completely pack yourself from head to toe. The best way to avoid being frost bitten is it to dress up in layers. Pull that heavy overcoat, hang on to your hat, put those gloves on and run a scarf around your neck. Wear as many layers as possible. Stay warm to stay safe and enjoy your stay!


Spring is more like a story book coming alive. After a cruel cold winter, it’s a warm hug from Mother Nature. Imagine, a little snow still left on the mountains, the trees covering themselves up in green and flowers, silently blossoming along the hillside. Picture Perfect! That’s how the spring is going to be. A visit to Norway in spring, well, it’s confusing, I mean the weather. It swings from being cold to warm and sometimes can be windy and the temperature lies between 5 and 10 degree Celsius. Don’t take off your jacket right away. You might need it anytime.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to travel to Norway, summer would be the best time and also one can experience daylight at midnight only in summer. If you want to see a snowy paradise, a whole new world covered in white and can withstand the harsh cold; winter is for you, of course with the right clothing and a pair of snow boots. If you want to see Nature coming alive in trees and blooming flowers with a memory of winter on the snow-capped mountains, spring is the time to be in!

Be it summer, winter, fall or spring, be prepared with some warm coats as you might need them to play safe.

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