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Denmark Weather

Denmark Weather

As with many countries bordering the North Sea, Denmark has a maritime climate, which means unpredictability – it can rain at any time, so don’t forget to pack your umbrella!

A Danish Spring

Springtime in Denmark is variable, with a temperature range of 5°C right up to around 15°C. It can also be very breezy and fresh and it is often late spring before you begin to see flowers blossoming and leaves on deciduous trees. You will need to pack warmer clothes, especially early in the season, but later in spring you may just have a chance to sport those shorts!

Perhaps Spring is mermaid season, and the now 100-year-old Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, a tribute to Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy-tale, is a "must-see".

Summer in Denmark

You may be surprised at how warm the weather in Denmark can be in the summer, with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 26°C. Indeed, visitors flock here from all over northern Scandinavia and even from Germany to bask on one of the many beaches - Denmark has a very long coastline for its size and it isn’t difficult to find a secluded beach all to yourself here. Bring your bikinis and shorts, but don’t forget something warmer as evenings can be cooler.

If you're feeling energetic, why not hire a bike and take one of Denmark's signposted cycle routes? There are 12,000 km of them, so you will have plenty to choose from! Nowhere in Denmark is further than 50km from the sea and the towns have safe cycle paths. You can even take your bike onto the train if you want a break from pedalling.

Danish Autumns

The weather in Denmark can be quite stormy and windy in Autumn, but the whole countryside turns vivid shades of orange, gold and red as the leaves change colour in the early part of the season. Temperatures are dropping fast, with averages in September around 18°C and as low as 5°C by the end of November. Pack accordingly, with warm clothes, jackets and scarves towards the end of the season, but even in September take warmer clothes as temperatures can be lower at night.

Autumn has plenty of attractions for visitors - there's family fun at Legoland in Chima, with special exhibitions, events with popular stars and you can even stay onsite and miss nothing. Legoland is open from late March until the end of October each year.

Winter in Denmark

This can be a very cold season, with temperatures ranging from freezing (0°C) to as low as -13°C. It snows every year and the countryside is picture-postcard beautiful. You'll want to pack your woollies, with scarves, gloves and hats, and maybe some good boots, too. Don't miss Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, which in mid-November are transformed into a stunning Christmas Market and which the snow makes seem even more like the Season of Goodwill! Stall after tempting stall of games, household goods, food, drinks and more – why not do your Christmas shopping somewhere completely different this year?

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