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Belgium Weather

Belgium Weather

Belgium, a West European country has a mild climate. Neither the summers are too hot nor the winters too cold. However it receives heavy rainfall all through the year, and during spring and autumn, it might rain continuously for days. It is always advisable to carry a raincoat whenever you are visiting Belgium.

Summer in Belgium

Weather in Belgium during summer is relatively cool. The average temperature during daytime is usually around 20° C, but there may be days when it may rise to 35° C. The temperature varies from one city to another. Cities in coastal areas do not go over 30° C whereas places away from the shore are 5° to 10° C warmer. The places in the east which are at high altitude are a little cooler at nights. Because of the mild temperature, air conditioners are not very common in Belgium. May and June are favorable time to visit Belgium as the days are long and the rainfall is lowest. Tourists who love music must visit Brussels during the month of April as it is the music season of the city. In Brussels you must also visit Belfry as it is one of the most prominent symbols of the city.

Winter in Belgium

Weather in Belgium during winters is mild and the temperature usually does not go below freezing point in the day time except in the Southern region. The average temperatures during the months of December, January and February are between 5° C to 10° C. The mild winter generally means wet and grey days with light snow. It is advisable to keep enough woollens to enjoy the uncrowned museums as well as cozy cafés. Snowfall is not too frequent and the snow cover does not last long except in the higher altitudes of Ardennes region, where the area is covered with snow for days together. The country offers skiing for tourists but it not very feasible as you can find enough snow only for about ten days in a year.

Spring and Fall

During spring and fall, the blossoming flowers make the country beautiful. Temperature during February to April and September to November is usually between 10° C to 20° C. The month of September is favorable for tourists but it has shorter days. If you are visiting Belgium during this time you must go to Tournai on the second Sunday of September. On this day you can see a colourful and beautiful Procession of Plague which is worth watching. In Tournai you must also visit cathedral which is a beautiful religious monument and quite famous.

When to Visit Belgium

Tourists can visit Belgium all through the year but the most popular time is during fall and spring. Travelers who visit during July and August will get warm temperature and can also get some of the best hotel deals especially in Brussels. Annual events take place all round the year and therefore it is advisable to check the timings of these events when going to Belgium.

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