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Don't forget to check the weather in Corpus Christi before you go out - knowing what to expect will help ensure you're wearing the right clothes and whether to carry an umbrella, your sunglasses or extra-warm clothes and gear for snow. Your vehicle, also, may need to be ready for the weather in Corpus Christi.

Being prepared for the weather in Corpus Christi will help you stay calm and collected in any situation, whether you're working or out for leisure or a shopping trip.

But maybe you're checking the weather in Corpus Christi to ensure you pack the right clothes for a visit. You might want to research local entertainments and restaurants at the same time. There's a lot to do when you're planning a trip. So, several weeks before you travel, check that your passport is up to date and that it won't expire while you're away. Do you need a visa for your visit to Corpus Christi? If so, you will need to apply in good time. This would also be the moment to look around for a good travel insurance policy. Also, check if you need any inoculations to travel to Corpus Christi and, if so, make an appointment with your doctor, and remember to ensure you have enough of any regular medication.

If you have a pet, book a suitable holiday home for it, or arrange for a pet-sitter. You might also ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you're away in Corpus Christi.

How are you going to travel to Corpus Christi? If you need to hire a car, it's worth booking one in advance to get the best price. Check, also, for driving licence requirements in Corpus Christi - you may need to apply for an international driver's licence.

Just before you leave for your trip to Corpus Christi, make sure your home is pleasant to return to - empty the bins, clear the fridge of any food that's likely to spoil. Don't forget to lock windows and doors before you go. And, of course, have a wonderful time!

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