Top 10 things to do in Lucerne

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1. Kapellbrucke bridge and the Water Tower

One of the most iconic landmarks and among the Top 10 Things to do in Lucerne is visiting the Kapellbrucke Bridge. Built in the 14th century, it was part of the city fortifications, and the old Wasserturm next to it served as a prison, as well as the city archive, treasury and a place where tortures took place. The bridge stretches over 200m across the Reuss River, and is a very popular place.

2. Lion Monument

Another famous attraction in Lucerne is the Löwendenkmal, a monument created by Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen, as a tribute to the Swiss Guards, who were killed defending the French King in 1792, during the French Revolution. The sculpture is carved from sandstone in the mountain cliff and is close to the Kapellbrucke Bridge.

3. Musegg Wall

Unlike most Swiss cities, Lucerne managed to keep a large part of the medieval walls, called Muzeggmauer. Part of the old city fortification, built in the 13th century stretches over almost 900m. Out of 8 tall towers, 3 are open to the public. It is remarkable that here one of the towers calls the hour 1 minute before any other clocks in the city.

4. Lucerne Lake

Without a doubt, one of the Top 10 Things to do in Lucerne is admire the lake on which it is located. There is a wide array of activities on the lake for families, adults and children alike. There are famous day cruises around the lake, canoe, rope parks, and swimming, when the weather is nice.

5. Glacier Garden

Glacier Garden is dedicated to the geological history of Lucerne and consists of several interesting expositions. There is a Glaciers Museum, showing its visitors the history of ice and glaciers; GeoWorld exhibition; mirror maze; as well as the famous outdoor section, consisting of natural rock and boulders formation.

6. Hofkirche

Located in the eastern part of Lucerne, Hofkirche, with its tall spires, is one of the main religious landmarks of the city. Among other 7 Catholic churches, Hofkirche is the main Roman Catholic Church. The visitors can see an ancient organ inside, as well as the altar of Virgin Mary, dating back to 16th century.

7. Jesuit Church

In the past Jesuit Church served as a middle school, as well as the location of pastoral activities of Jesuits. This was the first church built in baroque style, it is finished in white and gold colours, and the ceiling is decorated with a beautiful painting. Quite often the church has organ concerts that visitors can attend.

8. Richard Wagner House

Richard Wagner Museum is located in the house where the famous composer lived for 6 years. Here visitors can learn about his life and work, as well as admire the collection of musical instruments, located on the second floor.

9. Transport Museum

Swiss Transport Museum is an interactive museum with more than 3,000 exhibits, which will be exciting to see for both adults and children. There is an outdoor garden area with a sculpture park, flight simulation room, car crash simulation test, as well as a 3-D cinema.

10. Swiss food

One of the Top 10 Things to do in Lucerne is of course trying some of the traditional delicacies, such as the famous chugelipastete with diced meat and mushrooms, local world-renowned cheese, including cheese fondue, bundnernusstorte and many more. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes by the lake, offering delicious traditional meals, as well a fascinating view.